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General Directions for Cindy's Unit Studies:

I have written these units with the goal of studying history and science on alternate days, two times per week each (Monday & Wednesday - History, Tuesday & Thursday - Science). I recommend spending 1 - 2 hours each day per lesson depending on the ages, abilities, and interests of your children. You WILL NOT complete everything listed in these units. Pick and choose the reading selections and activities as they meet your family's needs and interests.

The object is to complete as much as you can as a group during the 1-2 hour lesson and then assign additional independent work as needed. Additional Study Recommendations are for students who are older or who get interested in the topic. Whatever is not covered during the unit is left for another year to cover. Remember, you will most likely cover all these subjects two or three times during your child's school years. What he misses the first time can be covered the next time. A typical multi-level lesson would run as follows:

1. First, spend 15 - 30 minutes reading your main textbook or read-aloud as a family. Even if your little ones don’t understand everything or appear to being paying attention, they will get something out of it. Divide the number of pages in the book(s) by the number of lessons in the unit. This is the number of pages you will need to read each lesson to complete the book(s). Have your children take turns reading as they are able. Explain new vocabulary words, as needed. Record in your log book as vocabulary, reading and/or literature. 2. Complete any hands-on activities or lab work together as a group allowing each child to participate according to their abilities. Record this in your log book as science lab, history project, art project, etc. as appropriate.3. Assign independent work to each child according to the his/her ability: independent reading, composition projects, worksheets, research, and/or internet activities. Research is done on the Internet, using an encyclopedia, or with suggested library books. Use vocabulary words and misspelled words from compositions as your spelling lesson for the week. When editing compositions, record this as grammar. Independent reading is done by your children on their own time. Record these activities in your log book as reading, composition, grammar, research skills, vocabulary, etc. as appropriate.4. All books listed can be purchased online, from local bookstores and/or borrowed from the library. The grades listed are generally interest levels, not reading level. Check reading levels before assigning as independent reading.

5. In lieu of testing, keep a portfolio on your child's activities.

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Unit Studies:

All units below are copyright by Cindy Downes. All rights reserved. Permission is given to homeschooling parents and classroom teachers to use these units free of charge in their own homeschool or classroom only. Please include the copyright information on your printout. These units may not be distributed or reprinted in any form for any other purpose (commercial or otherwise) without permission from Cindy Downes. Contact her at contact@oklahomahomeschool.com.

A great resource for keeping track of your studies is The Checklist

History & Social Studies-Based Units: (I highly recommend investing in Terri Johnson's Blackline Maps of World History and Blackline Maps of American History to use as map studies for these units. See my Blog for my complete review.)

Science-Based Units:
Other Units:

You'll also want to check out my blog, How to Homeschool Today, for teaching tips and mini units!

Recommended Resources (Purchase):

Ancient China, to the Great Wall and Beyond by Judy Wilcox (Highly recommended. Read my review here.)

Biographies for Unit Studies - a huge list of biographies from CBD at discounted prices! (NOTE: I will receive a referral fee if you buy from this link. THANKS if you do! Cindy)

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Keep track of your studies with The Checklist
Use a timeline to better understand what you are learning.

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