World War I Unit Study


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World War I

Topics to Cover (Excerpt from The Checklist):


1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary Assassinated
1914, Panama Canal Opened
1914, World War I Begins in Europe
1914, Charlie Chaplin Films Are Produced
1915, Germans Sink the Lusitania
1917, United States Enters War I
1917, Balfour Declaration, partitioned the Ottoman Empire
1918, Armistice and World War I Ends
1919, Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations
1920, Radio Broadcasting Begins
1922, USSR is Formed
1926, Hirohito Become Emperor of Japan
1927, Talking Pictures Begin


  • Churchill, Winston (England, 1874-1965)—Soldier, Writer, War Strategist
  • Clemenceau, Georges Benjamin(France, 1841-1929)—Premier of France during World War I
  • Lawrence, T. E. (Wales, 1888-1935)—Soldier and Author: Lawrence of Arabia, Army Intelligence, Revolt in the Desert
  • Lloyd-George, David (England, 1863-1945)—Prime Minister of Britain: 1916-1922
  • Lodge, Henry Cabot (Massachusetts, 1850-1924)—Politician and Author: League of Nations
  • Nicolas II (Russia, 1868-1918)—Russian Czar: Joined Allies in WWI
  • Pershing, John J. (Missouri, 1860-1948)—Army Commander
  • Rickenbacker, Eddie. (Ohio, 1890-1973)—American Ace, fighter pilot WWI
  • Thorpe, Jim (Oklahoma, 1886-1953)—Athlete
  • Wilhelm II, Kaiser ( Germany, 1859-1941)—German Emperor (1888-1918)
  • Wilson, Woodrow (Virginia, 1856-1924)—28th President (1913-1921): Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage, Clayton Antitrust Act, Child Labor Law, League of Nations
  • York, Sergeant Alvin C. (Tennessee, 1887-1964) —American corporal, WWI Hero




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