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This unit is based on The Checklist and is designed to be customized to any length, depending upon how much material you cover and how long you take to cover it. Read over General Directions for Cindy's Unit Studies for information on how to teach Cindy's units. The goal of this unit is to give students a brief overview of immigration in the early 1900s.

1. Research

Immigration Timeline (all ages)

Ellis Island History. (4th+)

Statue of Liberty Facts (all ages)

On the Trail of the Immigrant - photos and text that tell the story of immigration. (gr 4-12)

Tour of Ellis Island Watch videos, listen to interviews, view photos as you take an interactive adventure at Ellis Island. (all ages)

First Immigrant Landed on Ellis Island - 15-year-old Annie Moore in 1892. (all ages)

Great photos from Ellis Island. View slideshow. (gr. 4-12)

More photos about Immigration. (all ages)

Read about the Statue of Liberty. and Statue of Liberty Handbook (gr 6-12)

Poem about the Statue of Liberty (all ages)

Read about the Gilded Age. (all ages)

2. Books to Read

Annushka's Voyage by Edith Tarbescu tells the story of the journey of two immigrant Jewish girls' trip to America. 32 pgs. (K-4)

Ellis Island (Cornerstones of Freedom) By R. Conrad Stein (K-6+)

Ellis Island by Carol Highsmith. Words, photos, and descriptions of Ellis Island. (5-8+)

If Your Name was Changed at Ellis Island by Ellen Levine. (K-6+)

Life at Ellis Island by Sally Isaacs. See what it was like to be an immigrant disembarking, and what you would do if you could go on to America, of if you were kept behind. (K-6+)

Recreating American Immigration by Dana Wilbanks. Explores U.S. immigration and refugee policy from a Christian perspective. (gr 6-12)

3. Activities to Do:

Complete this Ellis Island Junior Ranger Booklet (gr. 4-6)

Statue of Liberty Cutout Activity. (gr. 4+)

Statue of Liberty Color Page and Color Page 2 (K-4)

Port of Entry: Immigration - Online Activity (gr. 4-12)

Interpreting Statistics. (gr. 5-8+)

Use Teaching with Document Analysis Worksheets to analyze the primary documents viewed in this unit. (gr. 4-12)

For fun: watch The Immigrant (silent movie with Charlie Chaplin). All ages.

Movie: Moscow on the Hudson with Robin Williams, 1984. Rent.

Cut & Assemble New York Harbor. (gr. 4-12)

Create a family tree. Include immigrant information, if available. (gr. 4-12)

Read the poem written by Emma Lazarus.

Listen to and sing along with "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor"

Other poems and songs about the Statue of Liberty.

Take the INS test for Immigrants and see if you can pass!

Clip art and photos of the Statue of Liberty.

More Activities to Do:

Everyday Life: Immigration. Includes reproducible activity pages for math, vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, geography, writing, drama, and arts and crafts. Grades 4-8.

2. And don't forget! When you're done, be sure to add what your children did for the Immigration unit to pgs. 98 - 100 in your copy of The Checklist!




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