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The Checklist Assistant: New product by Cindy Downes. This product will help you find specific learning resources for your unit study or lesson plan!

There are plenty of excellent, traditional curriculums available for the Read/Write learner such as those published by Alpha Omega, A Beka Books, and Bob Jones University Press. You can purchase them at local educational stores, at curriculum fairs, or directly from the publisher. Many homeschool magazine and websites review these traditional curriculums, so the focus of this website is resources that apply to multi-level teaching, unit studies, and products for the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners.

All learners, including the Read/Write learner enjoy reading a good book and doing “hands-on” activities instead of worksheets. Research has proven that people retain more of what they learn when they use all their senses - see, hear, smell, feel, and touch. Many of the items I suggest on this website will not be what you may think of as curriculum. I like to incorporate literature, videos, cassettes, hands-on projects, Internet resources, and worksheets into a curriculum plan that takes advantage of sensory learning.

A benefit of this type of learning is that when you have completed school for the year, your children will not only have enjoyed learning, but you will also have acquired some great books and other resources for your library that can be enjoyed for years, rather than textbooks that will be thrown away or sold for significantly less than you paid for them.

The general plan for multi-level teaching is to read books together with your children (these can be textbooks or library books), do hands-on activities as a team, then assign age-appropriate follow-up seatwork for reinforcement of the lessons learned. Only reading instruction and math have to be done on an individual basis and sequentially. All the other subjects can be taught as needed for your particular family. See Multi-level Teaching and Sample Curriculum Plan for more info. The Checklist is a great resource for planning and keeping records when using sensory learning and multi-level teaching.

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Below is a list of resources I recommend for this type of teaching.

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The Checklist Assistant: New product by Cindy Downes. This product will help you find specific learning resources for your unit study or lesson plan!

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Spelling Power, Fourth Editionby Beverly L. Adams-Gordon. This is the only spelling curriculum you need for 3-12th grade. I personally don't recommend spelling before that. The teaching method described on pages 1 - 97 is optional. Many parents skip this section and go straight to the placement test. Give your child the placement test on page 105, start your child at his appropriate level, and use the word lists as you would any spelling list. Introduce the words on Monday, review on Wednesday, test on Friday. Any words missed, add to the next week's list. I recommend starting this as soon as they are reading easy readers or chapter books. This program will also take care of phonics at that level.

In addition, keep a spelling notebook. Have your child write in any word he/she misspells on written work. Keep it on his/her weekly spelling list until it's mastered.

Better yet, check out a program called SpellQuizzer. What I like about this particular software program is that you record the spelling words audibly ahead of time. Then your child listens to the words and types them into the computer. The computer then becomes the teacher! This is wonderful for those of you with multiple grade levels. Simply preload the words you want your child to learn and away you go! You can put one child to work on spelling while you are working with another on a different subject. This, along with Spelling Power, is the perfect combination for all your spelling needs! Simply use the Spelling Power word list in SpellQuizzer for grades 3-12th. It's available for Windows or an Intel Mac.

Check out the sample grade level spelling lists: and spelling strategies : from Scott Foresman spelling.

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A Chicken's guide to Talking Turkey With Your Kids About Sex by Dr. Kevin Leman. This is an excellent, highly recommended resource for parents of pre-teens and teens. I wish I had had it when mine were young!

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Reference Books

One of my favorite reference books and a favorite with many homeschool parents is Noah Webster's First Edition of an American Dictionary of the English Language .

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Be sure to read my homeschool book reviews, too!

Attention Curriculum Publishers: This is a list of my personal favorites that either I have used or someone I personally know and trust has used and recommended. I DO NOT sell advertising. I am willing to review products for possible inclusion, but I do not guarantee it will be added to the list. Contact me at if you would like your product considered.

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