Logic Curriculum Recommendations


Logic is often overlooked in homeschooling and in public schools, but taught frequently in the private schools. These skills will help your child not only think logically but will also prepare them for achievement testing. I recommend that your child work through the following resources sequentially not by grade level. Even the PreK and K workbooks can be challenging! Your child can work through one or more books per year, depending on his/her age.

Developing Critical Thinking through Science by Critical Thinking. Not a lab, but a logic book. No science equipment needed. Use this series to help students learn to logically analyze results of science lab. Available for grades 1-8.

Can You Find Me? by Critical Thinking. This is a fun series that takes PreK-Grade 1 step-by-step through learning to think logically. I love this series for introducing logic to anyone!

Math Detective series by Critical Thinking. Use this logic resource to reinforce math, reading and logic skills. Available for grades 3-12.

Dr. Fensters Word Benders by Critical Thinking. Analyze letters, words, and word meanings and build spelling, vocabulary and deductive reasoning skills. Available for grades 3-12.

Punctuation Puzzlers by Critical Thinking. Use critical thinking and logic to reinforce punctuation skills. Available for grades 3-7.

Think a Minutes by Critical Thinking. One minute a day to sharpen your thinking skills. Word problems, puzzles, riddles and more. Available for grades 2-12.

Thinking Doodles: Clues & Choose by Critical Thinking.





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