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Don’t forget your child's spiritual training. Your child is made up of body, soul (mind), and spirit. (1 Thess, 5:23, “I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”) Each of these three specific parts needs to be equally fed and nourished in order for your child to fulfill God’s call on his life. Most parents/teachers spend so much time training children’s minds and bodies that they have little time left for training the spirit. Don’t make the same mistake. Ephesians 4:13 says that a perfect man is one who has attained, “unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ …” This means that Christ, not the world’s standards, should be the measuring rod we use to compare our children’s physical, spiritual, and academic growth. Jesus, who is our model, matured in all three of these areas as shown in Luke 2:52: “ And Jesus increased in wisdom (soul/mind) and stature (body), and in favor with God and man (spirit).” As a Christian parent, this should be the ultimate goal you have for each of your children and your curriculum should be designed accordingly. Then you will truly know that your child is well on his way to learning all that he needs to know!

Here are some of my favorite Bible resources: (RECENTLY ADDED)
  • RBC Ministries offers free Bible studies, devotion booklets, and Christian courses. I use Our Daily Bread everyday. I like it better than other devotionals because of the amount of scripture in each lesson. Rather than one verse and the rest commentary, it includes one page of a portion of scripture and one page of commentary. Sometimes I don't even read the commentary. It's like reading the Bible in chunks! I've also used one of their Christian courses and love it! As of February 2009, you will be able to take the Christian courses for certification for a fee of $20/CEU unit. I would use this as a high school credit in Bible also. Highly recommended. The materials are written by Christians of many denominations. You can read their biblical principles here. If you use their materials, PLEASE, send them a donation now and then. God would want you to!

  • The Big Picture & Bible Time Line edited by: Carol Edie. See how Bible events happened in relation to each other and how those events all fit together into one story. 60 feet long when completed!

Here are some of my favorite Bible resources (Alphabetical):
  • 7 Steps to Bible Skills (Student Manual) by Dorothy Hellstern. Use to teach them how to use Bible reference books.

  • 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders is a great resource that will give your children a good overview of the Bible. They will learn about the major men and women of the Bible, the major events of the Bible in chronological sequence, and the major points of geography. There is no doctrine or interpretation.

  • 365 Days of Celebration & Praise by Julie Lavender. A fun o use devotional created just for homeschoolers. Each day's devotion is based on an event or holiday and includes a Bible reading, questions to discuss, related activity, curriculum connection, verse to memorize, and prayer suggestion. Very creative!

  • Ambassadors for Christ by John Woodbridge. Biographies of missionaries, church leaders, hymn writers, Bible teachers and Christian authors. Color illustrations. Highly recommended for 7th+ or as a read aloud for younger children. ISBN: 0802409393.

  • Ancient World of the Bible by Malcolm Day. This is a colorful, Bible history for all ages. ISBN 067085607X. Out of print. Buy Used.

  • Balancing the Sword by Allen B. Wolfe. Simple read a chapter in the Bible and then refer to Balancing the Sword for questions and cross references related to that chapter. It's amazing what you learn! For a more complete review, check out my Empty Nest Blog:

  • The Beginner's Bible as told by Karyn Henley. This is what I use with my 7-year old granddaughter who is just learning to read. We both take turns reading! She loves the color pictures and the fact that she can read the Bible all by herself! ISBN: 0310926106. PreK+

  • Bible Gateway. A wonderful resource for Bible study including audio versions of the Bible for your Auditory Learner!

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  • Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals by Timothy Larsen. If you want a complete resource for information on Christian missionaries, evangelicals, and Bible teachers, here it is. This “alphabetically arranged reference work selects 400 men and women who have significantly influenced the theology, pastoral practice, and piety of evangelicals in the English-speaking world. Although 1730 is accepted as the beginning of the evangelical movement by most scholars, the dictionary includes some earlier luminaries such as John Calvin, Jan Hus, Martin Luther, and John Wyclif.” Recommend for serious Bible scholars. ISBN: 0830829253.

  • Dangerous Journey (The Story of Pilgrim's Progress) by John Bunyan. This brilliantly illustrated version of Bunyan's classic tale makes a wonderful read-a--loud for the whole family. A wonderful story with a great message, originaly written in 1676. Buy this one for you home library! ISBN 0802836194. 3rd+

  • Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson. I highly recommend this book for all 7th+ students or as a family read-a-loud. Seven fascinating, true stories of missionaries taking the Word to people all over the world and finding that God had already prepared these people for the Gospel message. As Ecclesiastes says, "He (GOD) has also set eternity in the hearts of men." This is one of my all-time favorite books because it builds my faith every time I read it.

  • Exploring Ancient Cities Excavation Kit by Michael Carroll. A colorful book about archaeology and the Bible. Recommended for 4th+, ISBN 9834502826.

  • Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version “A concise Bible commentary. Important Discoveries in Archaeology. How We Got Our Bible. An Epitome of Church History.” Now updated using the NIV version. I still like the original version: Halley's Bible Handbook, Large Print. Highly recommended for serious Bible study. ISBN 0310224799. 7th+

  • Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions . Excellent graphics! Highly recommended for 6th grade and up.

  • How to Study Your Bible for Kids Discover 4 Yourself Series by Kay Arthur. I don't usually recommend Bible studies as they are usually based on one church's doctrines. However, this Bible study is non-doctrinal, easy to use, and teaches kids how to study the Bible, not what the Bible says. Written for ages 9-12.

  • I Want to Know About God by Rick Osborne. This is one of my favorite books for Bible study but it's out of print. Get it while you can, as well as the other books in the series.

  • The Indestructible Book, Video is a beautifully written and illustrated book, now made into videos, about the Bible from its beginnings to its translation into English.

  • Josephus, The Complete Works translated by William Whiston. “An independent source confirming Biblical accounts. Understand the world of Jesus and the apostles from a man who saw it.” Highly recommended for the serious Bible student. ISBN 0785250506. 7th+

  • Kidatlas: Important Places in the Bible and Where to Find Them by Ruth van der Maas. This is an excellent book and highly recommended for all ages; however it is out of print. You can sometimes find used copies by checking this link. (Pictured above.)

  • Magnify: The Complete New Testament for Kids published by Tommy Nelson. I LOVE this! Many moms ask me what to use for Bible study and I always tell them to read the Bible to their kids. Here is a perfect Bible for kids ages 7+. It's the New Testament written for kids in an easy-to-understand version along with colorful illustrations, a pair of fun Decoder Glasses, and short games and quizzes. See my Blog for more review: ISBN 1400305284. (1-6)

  • My Giving Bank . Teach your children to tithe and save for rainy days with this wonderful resource. Each time your child gets his allowance, he puts 10% in the Church, 10% in the Bank, and keeps 80% for his own use in the Store.

  • Teach your children what the Word says about love, lying, pride, perseverance, faith, etc. by using Nave's Topical Bible. It includes more than twenty thousand topics and subtopics along with their scriptural references that will help you with your family Bible studies.

  • Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Manners and Customs by Howard Vos. Traces everyday Bible life from Genesis to Revelation. Covers food, clothing, warfare, housing and much more. Many color photographs. An excellent resource for family Bible study. ISBN 0785211942.

  • New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Comfort Print Edition and Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words are must have’s for serious Bible study.

  • New Testament Take-Home Bible Stories: Easy-to-Make, Reproducible Mini-Books That Children Can Make & Keep!, Preschool-Grade 2 Grace Publications. Fun, easy-to-make worksheets for PreK-1st grade.

  • NIV Discoverer's Bible for Young Readers by Zonderkidz. This is the Bible I would use for ages 8+. It's easy to understand and has some colorful illustrations. ISBN 0310703824.

  • Old Testament Take-Home Bible Stories (PreK-2) . Carson-Delosa. Fun, easy-to-make worksheets for PreK-2nd grade.

  • Play and Learn Bible Games by Linda Standke. 16 reproducible games which include Fruit of the Spirit, Noah's Ark, Fishers of Men, Moses, Easter, Christ's Birth, Daniel in the Lion's Den, and more. PreK-2nd.

  • Richard's Complete Bible Dictionary by Lawrence Richards. A complete Bible dictionary for serious Bible study. Color illustrations. A wonderful edition to the family library. ISBN 0529114909.

  • Saint Patrick, Pioneer Missionary to Ireland by Michael J. Mc Hugh. This book is a must-read! I had no idea who St. Patrick was and all that he accomplished for the Lord. I especially enjoyed reading how he used his slavery to the Celtic people and his knowledge of their cult worship to evangelize the people. It just shows how God uses every situation in your life for His purpose. ISBN 1930092148. Read aloud for all ages. 4th +

  • The Time of Jesus Hands-on projects that re-create everyday life in the time of Jesus---a writing tablet, scroll, purse and coins, sandals, flatbread, children's board game, and much more. Ages 8 and up. ISBN 0745940803.

  • Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History by Richard Hannula. Forty-six brief biographies for children relating the trials and triumphs of many Christians including Augustine, Charlemagne, Luther, Bunyan, C.S. Lewis and more. Easy reading for 4th+. Read aloud for all ages.

  • Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible by Stephen Miller. An illustrated a-z ditionary of the people and places in scripture. This is an easy to read resource for family Bible study. ISBN 1593101112.

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