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World History - Ancient Civilizations

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Literature to Supplement History: This is a list of books by historical events.

The Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists (used First Edition) and The Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists, Second Edition

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6. History Resource Store

Hands-on history Resources:

Ancient History Portfolio Junior.

Hands-On Heritage series (Ancient Rome Activity Book, Ancient Egypt Activity Book, Civil War Era Activity Book, Colonial America Activity Book) published by Edupress.

Hands-On History: Civil War

History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony, Grades 1-3

Hands on History: Colonial America

The Lewis & Clark Expedition: Join the Corps of Discovery to Explore Uncharted Territory

Hands of a Child products

History Throught the Ages, Record of Time (see my review of this product).

Ancient China, to the Great Wall and Beyond by Judy Wilcox (see my review of this product).


Landmark books, written in 1950-1970, include stories of famous people and historical events from American and world history. Recommended as read alouds or independent reading for grades 4th+.

Tunes that Teach American History by Ken Sheldon (Scholastic). Another terrific resource for your Auditory learner. The tunes are catchy and your kids (and you) will have fun learning about Explorers to the New World, Native Americans, American Revolution, Bill of Rights, Lewis and Clark, Westward Expansion, Civil War, Underground Railroad, The Age of Invention, and Immigration. Along with a CD of music, you get a booklet of historical information and activities to go along with the lesson. ISBN 0439385202. (K-6)

Living Adventures From American History Includes dramatized stories about Paul Revere, Valley Forge, Molly Pitcher, Nathan Hale, Betsy Ross, Crispus Attucks, and Benjamin Franklin. Excellent for the Auditory Learner.

The Declaration of Independence. The Words that Made America by Sam Fink. This is the best introduction to the Declaration of Independence I have seen. Easy to understand and nicely illustrated make it a resource for all ages. ISBN 0439407001. K-12

Words that Built a Nation by Marilyn Miller. An excellent introduction to the primary documents of our country including the Mayflower Compact, Poor Richards' Almanck, Speech to the Second Virginia Convention, Common Sense, Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Farewell Address by George Washington, Monroe Doctrine, Star-Spangled Banner, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, I Will Fight No More Forever, Speech at the Berlin Wall, and many more. For all ages. ISBN 059029881x. K-12.

Terri Johnson's Blackline Maps of World History and Blackline Maps of American History are excellent resources to use as map studies for history. Read my complete review.)

William Bradford and the Courage of the Pilgrims by Great Lives. This series of CDs is a must for your auditory learner, but will be equally enjoyed by all. Each CD is professionally done and well worth the investment. Great Lives searches "stories from the finest biographies - many of which are no longer in print - and brings them together into an easy-to-listen-to audio CD." Each month you will learn about someone new such as Gandhi, Alexander Graham Bell, Mary Bethune, and Abraham Lincoln. Subscription: $8.95/month. www.storiesofgreatlives.com.

Bootmaker to the Nation by Dr. John Slade. Historical fiction set during the American Revolution. Recommended for adults and 9th-12th graders. Read my complete review here.

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U.S. HISTORY - All 50 States

It Happened in America: True Stories from the Fifty States by Lila Perl, Ib Ohlsson. A great reading book that includes 51 stories from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The stories range from Colonial period, Civil War, Industrial Revolution, and the modern age. They feature Americans of all backgrounds and tell of enterprise, determination, courage, compassion, vision, imagination, and triumph. Out of print - check your library or buy used. ISBN 0805017194. Read aloud for all ages.

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History For Little Pilgrims published by Christian Liberty Press. This is great world history resource for K - 1st graders. It covers from creation through WWII. Timeline breakdown is as follows: Creation, Pg. 1 - 13; Flood, Noah, pgs. 14-20; Abraham, Isaac, Joseph in Egypt, Moses, King David, pgs. 21-29; Jesus, pgs. 30-35; Apostles, the Church, Roman Empire, persecution, pgs. 36-43; Augustine, St. Patrick, Boniface, Middle Ages, pgs. 44-53; Luther, Calvin, Puritans, Reformation, pgs. 54-65; First Americans, Explorers, Pilgrims, Jonathan Edwards, Colonial Days, pgs. 66-73; Revolutionary War, Patrick Henry, Washington, Jefferson, pgs. 74-79; Westward Expansion, Lewis and Clark, Pioneers, pgs. 80-85; Civil War, Dwight Moody, pgs. 86-91; G.W. Carver, Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, Douglas McArthur, WWI, WWII, pgs. 92-102; U.S. symbols and landmarks, pgs. 103-113. ISBN 1930092849.

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: Full Family Curriculum Pack by Diana Waring. A terrific resources for all your learners, especially auditory learners. Buy single or in a set.

Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame by Michael S. Class. A wonderful resource for stimulating interest in history. Read my complete review.

Recommended Resource: Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline by Barbara Shukin. Read my complete review.

Ancient China, to the Great Wall and Beyond by Judy Wilcox (Read my complete review.).

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