Country Report Notebook Ideas


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Here are some ideas of what to put into a country notebook. Resources such as travel agents, library, almanac, encyclopedias, atlas, and the Internet will help you in your research. Read some nonfiction and fiction related to their country. Cut out pictures in magazines, travel brochures, etc. to use for illustrations. Free printable Country Report Theme Paper.

1. Title page: Name of Country. Include a political map showing the location of nation in the world. Include lines of latitude and longitude, the Prime Meridian and the equator.

2. Include maps of country showing:

  • all major waterways—Physical map of the country (the physical map could be done in 3-D with clay or plaster, photographed, and then place picture in notebook)
  • all major mountain ranges—Physical map
  • all major deserts, jungles, tundras, etc.—Physical map
  • all major cities and the Capitol—Political map of the country, include compass rose and scale of miles
  • major industries of the country—use picture symbols for these industries and include a key
  • major natural resources of the country—use picture symbols for these resources and include a key

3. History of Country—Write up an outline history of the country, write short paragraphs about famous people who made their history (include pictures if possible), and include an illustrated timeline. (Be sure to find out their Biblical history—what line they came from—Ham, Shem, Japheth—etc.)

4 . Describe how the government functions. If it has more than one leader, draw an organizational chart of their government. Include pictures if possible of the leaders, their government buildings, etc.

5. Illustrate the national flag in a medium of your choice (crayons, colored pencil, etc.). (A fun side activity would be for them to pretend they are forming their own country and create a flag for “their” country.)

6. Illustrate (or use pictures of) the national flower, animal and other symbols of the country—one or two per page. Label with short description.

7. What is the National Anthem. Write it out and illustrate with a drawing.

8 . Find out about the country’s major religions. What are their beliefs? How do they worship? How are they saved? What efforts are we making to reach these people for Jesus? (Write in short paragraphs and include pictures if possible.)

9 . Find pictures illustrating what the country is noted for, scenery, major landmarks of the country, people, etc.. Write some interesting facts about the people, cities, and geography of the country to caption the pictures.

10. Using an almanac, find out about their population and per capita income. Make a graph illustrating their population growth and per capita income as compared to ours.

11. Draw pictures or, if possible, attach samples of their currency. Use almanac to find out how to convert their money into ours. Include this information.

12. Write a short paragraph describing the type of education system they have and what occupations the people follow after they are finished their education.

13. Research the animal and plant life specific to the country. Find pictures or make drawings and label with interesting facts.

14. Create a small dictionary of familiar phrases in English and the country’s official language that would help someone communicate when visiting the country.

15. Write short paragraphs describing the people’s customs, clothing, holidays, crafts, foods, sports, and recreation. Include pictures, restaurant menus, recipes (don’t forget to cook some!), drawings, directions for crafts (make some!),directions for games and sports (play some!) etc. (This will be several pages and include photos of anything you create or play!)

16. Music: listen to music composed by famous composers/musicians of the country. List names and songs of these composers/musicians. Illustrate the type of instruments they make and/or use. How does their religion affect their music?

17. Art: Look at the art and architecture created by people from the country. List some of the most famous artists and builders. Show samples of their work with pictures if possible. How does their religion affect their art?

18. Include a Bibliography in the back of the book.

19 . Bind nicely and save!



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