History Resources on the Web:


Who needs textbooks when you have a computer and high speed Internet! Check out just a sample of FREE resources on the Internet for teaching history:

History Reference Resources:

World Wide Web Virtual Library of History.

EyeWitness to History, from Ancient World to present day through the eyes of those who lived it.

Ancient Civilizations. Ancient Civilizations Timeline, 3500 BC to 500 BC.

Ancient Civilizations Timeline with pictures, 500,000 BC to 4 BC.

History Timeline, 1000 A.D. to present.

One more History Timeline, from Pre-History to 2000 AD.

Medieval Resource Center - a list of links related to the Middle Ages includes weapons, art, castles, clothing, costumes, famous knights, famous kings, food, lifestyle, music, penal code, religion and more. Note: This is a commercial site.

Biographies of Historical Persons:

1) Famous People Biography.

2) Need a picture of the person you are studying? Try Utopia's Portrait Gallery. These images are in public domain.

Primary sources:

Primary sources on the Web. What is a primary source? Where can I find them?

If you need a map, try one of these resources:

Historical Maps from Perry-Castaneda Library.

Map Machine from National Geographic.

National Atlas - 50 printable maps of the US. You choose what you want on your map!

Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas:

Teaching Ideas for History.

Teaching with Historical Places, Lesson Plan Index.

Country Report Notebook Ideas.

Thinkquest Projects for History.

Archiving Early America Videos - Watch online if you have Flash and high speed access. Videos cover the major characters from Early America.

Free Unit studies for History:

a. Cindy Downes' Free Unit Study page.

b. Mr. Donn's Page.

How about a recipe?

Food Timeline - recipes related to a time period.

Need a coloring page for your younger children?

Activity Village—History Coloring Pages.

Teacher Helper Bible History coloring pages.

For the crafty ones, here are some history craft resources:

History for Kids, things to do and make from all over the world.

Jewish Crafts.

Egyptian Crafts.

Roman Crafts.

Ancient Greece Crafts.

Crafts of Africa.

Crafts - Middle Ages.

Victorian Crafts.

Native American Crafts.

Mexican Crafts for Kids.

Colonial Crafts. A variety of crafts from countries around the world.

Western Crafts.

A variety of crafts from countries around the world.

For the Auditory Learner - Music & History:

Songs for Teaching.

History in Song.

Popular Songs in American History.

History Worksheets:

School History.

Worksheets 4 Teachers - Social Studies.

Homeschool Forms from Cindy Downes.

Field Trips:

Links to Living History Museums.


Keep track of your history studies on The Checklist.

Don't forget the free quizzes:

Quiz on Early American Heritage.

Who's Who and What's What? Current Events Quiz.

World History Quizzes.



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