Ocean Unit Study


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Topics to Discuss:

1. See The Checklist, page 148-149, for topics to discuss and terminology.
See The Checklist, pages 138-143 for scientists in the field of Oceanography.
3. See The Checklist, pages 119-126 for literature ideas.

Suggested Reading:

Some of the books are out of print, but I recommend that you look for used copies. These are some of my favorite books on the topic and well worth keeping in your library.

1. Classical Literature / Family Reading:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. 4-8.

Moby Dick (Adapted) by Allan Drummond, Fiction, K-3. (Also available in original edition for 6th+)

2. Other Fiction / Historical Reading:

Devil on the Deck by Lois Hadley Dick. This is a fictionalized account of John Newton (author of song, Amazing Grace) and his part in a slave shipping operation. This is out of print but there are several used copies available. 9th+

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by Peter Roop. 40 pgs. In the winter of 1856, a storm delays the lighthouse keeper's return to an island off the coast of Maine, and his daughter Abbie must keep the lights burning by herself. K-6+

The Great Shark Escape by Jennifer Johnston. Science chapter book. K-4+

Polar, The Titanic Bear by Daisy Spedden. 64 pgs, color, True story, 1994, K-4+

Titanic by Victoria Sherrow. Scholastic History reader. Level 3. 48 pgs, some color, 3-6+

You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic! by David Stewart. 32 pgs, color, 2001, 3-6

3. Nonfiction Reading:

The Atlantic Ocean (True Book) by David Petersen. 48 pgs, K-6

The Pacific Ocean (True Book) by David Petersen. 48 pgs, K-6

The Four Oceans (Rookie Read-About Geography) by Wil Mara. 32 pgs., K-6

Ocean Atlas by John Woodward. An ocean-by-ocean survey of the world-using photography and special imaging technology to uncover underwater ecosystems and undersea terrain, and tell the story of its exploration. 96 pgs., (2007) 4th+

Life in the Oceans by Lucy Baker. Wildlife and plant life. 32 pgs., K-6

Charting the Ocean by Ruth Brindze, ocean mapping, 5+

Drip! Drop! How Water Gets to Your Tap by Barbara Seuling. Explains the water cycle, uses of water, water conservation, water purification, and water pressure. K-6.

Fish That Play Tricks by D. M. Souza. 40 pgs., color, 2-6+

Hidden Under the Sea: The World Beneath the Waves by Peter Kent. whaling, shipwrecks, submarines, detailed pictures, 33 pgs, color, oversize, K-6

Wish for a Fish, Cat-in-the-Hat Learning Library, color illus, 48 pgs. K-3.

Jellyfish (New True Book) by Elaine Landau. 1999. 48pgs., color, K-4+

Starfish (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science) by Edith Hurd. 2000, 34 pgs., color, K-2

A Trip to the Ocean by John D. Morris. Christian based book introduces readers to God's sea creatures. 40 pgs. K-6

Ocean Life From A to Z Book and DVD by Cynthia Stierle. 32 pgs. K-4+

Ocean Tide Pools (Habitats) by Arthur L’Hommedieu. 1997, 30 pgs, color, K-6+

Dragons of the Deep: Ocean Monsters Past & Present by Carl Wieland. 80 pgs. Christian based. 4th+

Mapping the Seas by Walter Oleksy. 63 pgs, some color, Excellent. 2002, 5-8+

Mysterious Ocean Highway: Benjamin Franklin and the Gulf Stream by Deborah Heiligman. 48 pgs, some color, Excellent! 2000, 3-6+

Shipwreck (Fast Forward) by Peter Dennis. 28 pgs, color, Spanish Galleon, salvage, great pictures and simple text. 2001, 1-6

Tsunami Disaster in Indonesia by John Albert Torres. 32 pgs, color, 2005, K-4+

A Whale Biologist at Work by Sneed Lollard. 2000, 48 pgs., color, 4-8+

Suggested Composition:

1. “My Ocean Report ” for writing assignments (see Forms above). Create a Sea Life “report.” Cut out pictures of sea creatures or take photos at an aquarium. Paste one picture to a page. Label the pictures. Bind into a book.
2. Use page-75 of Oceans Theme Unit to create an “Ocean Filmstrip” of sea animals.
3. Do some art projects from page 70-71 of Ocean Theme Unit
4. Cook some recipes from page 72 of Ocean Theme Unit
5. Label the oceans and seas on page 68 of Ocean Theme Unit
6. Complete the Venn Diagram on page 67 of Ocean Theme Unit
7. Complete the Tide puzzle on page 66 of Ocean Theme Unit
8. Do some lab experiments from pages 64-65 of Ocean Theme Unit
9. Discuss the Water Cycle on pages 62-63 of Ocean Theme Unit
10. Math: Complete “Lengthy Questions” on page 59 of Ocean Theme Unit
11. Composition: Choose an animal from pg 52 of Ocean Theme Unit and use to complete the Animal Web Outline on page 54.
12. Read The Cay by Theodore Taylor and do activities in part 1 of Ocean Theme Unit
13. Complete remaining activities in Ocean Theme Unit as desired.

Suggested Hands-On Activities:

1. Start a sea shell collection.
2. Ocean Life Floor Puzzle. Purchase from CBD or education store.
Seas & Oceans Sticker Atlas. Maps of all the worlds oceans and over 200 stickers of the animals and plants that live in them. Excellent! K-6
4 . Ralph Masiello's Ocean Drawing Book. Learn to draw ocean creatures.

Suggested Workbooks:

1. Learn About The Ocean Coloring Book, PreK-4+
Boy Scout Merit Badge: Oceanography. This resource provides lots of activities to do related to oceanography. All ages.
2. Complete activities in Beginning Geography: Continents & Oceans, K-3+
3. Complete activities in Beginning Geography: Landforms and Bodies of Water, 3+
4 Ocean (Hands-On Minds-On Science Series) Teacher Created Resources. 4-6

Suggested Internet Resources:

1. All About Oceans and Seas, (K-6)
2. Treasures at Sea (K-8)
3. Ecosystems, Oceans, (4-8+)
4. Victor the Vector, Ocean Currents, (1-6+)
5. Planet Ocean (Discovery), (all ages)
6. The Sea from Sea and Sky, (3-6+)
7. Squish the Fish Interactive Activity. (PreK-3)
8. An Ocean of Sound, An exploration of Underwater Acoustics
9. The Virtual Ocean, microscopic life.
10. Fish Index. Photos of ocean creatures.
11. Student Activities: Whales
12. Shark Activities from Kidzone. Includes color pages, mazes, worksheets, crossword puzzles.
13. Ocean Animals crafts for kids.
14. Ocean Theme Worksheets: Math
15. Activities from Monterrey Bay Aquarium.
16. Live Web cams from Monterrey Bay Aquarium. LIVE! Watch sharks, sea otters, and more!

Don't forget! When you're done, be sure to add what your children did for the oceanography to your copy of The Checklist!



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