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Eight Week Unit - Sixteen Lessons

This unit is based on The Checklist and is designed to be completed in eight weeks, completing two, 1 - 2 hour lessons per week; however, you can customize it to any length, depending upon how much material you cover and how long you take to cover it. Read over General Directions for Cindy's Unit Studies for information on how to teach the unit.


Directions: Each lesson, read The World of Columbus & Sons, watch a video, and/or research on the internet. Then complete a History Pocket lesson for the day. If time, select any other activity(ies) or independent reading suggestions below.

Independent Reading Suggestions, purchase or borrow from library:

Suggested Videos:

  • Do a search on library catalog for “explorers and video”. Select any explorer video to watch.

Internet Activities and Research:

Optional Activities:

  • Marco Polo for Kids by Janis Herbert, Good reading & a few activities. ISBN 1556523777.

  • Video: Christopher Columbus from Nest Entertainment (movie trailer).

  • Explorers, Thematic Unit by TCM. Hands on activities, reading, and composition projects. The books used in "Explorers" (that will need to be purchased or borrowed) are: "The Log of Christopher Columbus' First Voyage to America" "The Usborne Book of Explorers"

  • History News: The Explorers Now you can read all about it in this special edition "newspaper" chronicling top stories of great explorers. From the Phoenicians' first forays, to the Trieste's 6-mile descent to the deepest ocean floor, large-format news articles tell the story of great discoveries with full-color illustrations, maps, and special interest columns. 32 pages, ISBN 0763603147.

  • Columbus Adventurous story of Columbus who fearlessly sailed across the Atlantic at a time when people believed the world was flat. Beautiful illustrations. Recommended for ages 4 to 11. ISBN 0964380331.

  • Explorers Timeline Characters Timeline Characters on a durable vinyl wall chart. ISBN 0970902727.

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