,Multi-level (Unit Study) Resources for History Units


When doing unit studies, it's easy to get stuck on a few topics. To prevent major “holes” in learning, here is a list of history unit resources that I have written, organized over a six year period. If you continue unit studies in middle and high school, simply repeat the pattern using more difficult materials. I will continue to add to this as I write more resources.

History-Year 1

Ancient World History:

Archaeology & the Bible,

Creation through the Flood,

Ancient Mesopotamia,

Conquest of Canaan through Kingdom Years,

Ancient World History: Ancient China, Ancient Japan, Mayas, Incas, Ancient Egypt

US History: Early Settlements, Pilgrims

US History: Colonial Days, Ben Franklin Unit

Beginning Mapping Skills & Current Events

History-Year 2

Ancient World History: Ancient Greece

Ancient World History: Ancient Rome

Christmas Unit

US History: American Revolution, Betsy Ross, 4th of July Unit, War of 1812

US Government: Presidents/Elections, Government,

Mapping Skills & Current Events

History-Year 3

World History: Middle Ages

World History: Renaissance, Reformation, Joan of Arc, Handel's Messiah Unit,

US & World History: Explorers

Mapping Skills & Current Events

History-Year 4

World History: 1700-1800, French Revolution

US History: Gold Rush, Westward Expansion & Frontier

Oklahoma History

US Geography

Mapping Skills & Current Events

History-Year 5

World History: 1800 - 1900

World Geography—Eastern Hemisphere, Country Report,

US History: Civil War Unit, Reconstruction

US & World History - Immigration, Industrial Revolution, Prohibition, Labor Unions

Mapping Skills & Current Events

History-Year 6

US & World History - World War I and World War I (blog)

US & World History - Stock Market Crash, World War II, Depression, New Deal

US & World History - Korean War, Cold War, Civil Rights, 1950-1960’s

US & World History - Vietnam War, 1960-1970’s

US & World History - Space Race, 1970’s-1980’s

US & World History - Middle East Conflict, 1990's - current

World Geography—Western Hemisphere

Mapping Skills & Current Events

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