Ancient Mesopotamia:


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  • Directions
  • Unit Project Suggestion
  • Recommended Resources
  • Sumerians
  • Nimrod, the Tower of Babel, and Dispersion
  • Babylonia
  • Amorites
  • Hittites
  • Abraham
  • Ishmael and the Arab Line (See Byzantine Empire & Islam Unit, Coming Soon)
  • Jacob and Esau
  • The Twelve Patriarchs
  • Joseph Sold into Slavery (Egypt Covered in Separate Unit)
  • Map Study

This unit has been designed to be completed in three weeks, covering two, 1 - 3 hour lessons per week. This is a very short introduction to the subject. For a more detailed study, customize the unit to the length you desire by choosing how much material you cover and how long you take to cover it. More than enough materials is suggested so that you can pick and choose what will work for your family.

A history based unit should include a timeline study of the major historical events, a biographical examination of the major people living in these civilizations, an investigation into the major discoveries or accomplishments of each civilization, an understanding of specific terminology, and map and culture studies of the various civilizations and their modern counterparts. Follow up with a review lesson and quizzes, if desired. Read over General Directions for Cindy's Unit Studies for more information. For help in this area, The Checklist includes a list of major events, major people, discoveries/accomplishments, terms, culture studies, and much more.

Unit Project Suggestion:

Create a notebook for each unit. Include a timeline, map studies, biographical sketches, dictionary of terms, copies of worksheets and composition projects, and photos of crafts or other hands-on projects. At the end of each year, select a representative sample and place in your child's portfolio.

Recommended Resource: Ancient History Portfolio & Timeline by Barbara Shukin. See my review at:

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Recommended Resources:

Reading Suggestions:

  • Ancient Mesopotamia by Cynthia Klingel, 24 pgs, color, (J 935 K687an 2003), K-6
  • The Phoenicians by Pamela Odijk. (J 939 024p 1989) . 44pgs. Color illus, 4+
  • The Sumerians by Elaine Landau. 63 pgs, few il. (Y 935 L231s 1997), 5th+
  • Ancient Mesopotamia (Let’s See Series) by Cynthia Klingel. 24 pgs. color, (J935 K687an 2003), K-4+
  • Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent by John Malam (Looking Back series) (Lib #J 935 M291n 1999) 62 pgs., color, 4+
  • The Tower of Babel by Marilyn Hirsh. 32 pgs, b/w illus. (222 H61t), K-3
  • Read Kidatlas pages 12-13, Nimrod and the Tower of Bable
  • Read Kidatlas pages 14-15, Canaan, Sodom & Gomorrah
  • Read Kidatlas pages 32-33, Pack Your Bags, We're Going Home; Hanukkah
  • Read 30 Days, pages 41-46 (Patriarch Era), 6th+

Internet Research and/or Activities (Note: Please read through Bible Studies listed below before assigning to your children to make sure they agree with your family's faith.)


Video Recommendations:

  • Ancient Mesopotamia (J Video), 1998

Veggie Tale videos (Jonah)

Map Study:

  • Using Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book, page 16, Bible Lands, show the location (approximate) of: Babylon, Ur, Sodom, Gomorrah, Bethel, Canaan, Egypt, Dead Sea, Hebron, Haran, Akkad


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