Project Ideas for Unit Study


Suggestions of things you can do to integrate learning into other subjects while doing unit studies:

Read/Write Learners:

Read library books related to the topic.

Complete a writing project related to the subject. See Writing Ideas.

Write a biography of a person studied. Have them answer:

  • When and where was this person born?
  • Why is this person important in history? What did he/she contribute?
  • Include a picture or drawing, if available.
  • If a Christian, how did God influence this person’s work? (7th)

Create a Current Events Notebook. Include:

  • Read and cut out one article per week from the local paper and paste in a notebook.
  • Write a short summary of the article in your own words.
  • Write a short “letter to the editor” about how you feel the event affects you, either positive or negative.
  • Illustrate your summary with a “political” cartoon or drawing.
  • Write a paragraph or two on how this event relates to God’s plan. Use scripture if possible. (Use a concordance.) 7th+

Write a bibliography to put at the end of the notebook. (7th+)

Write a country report for a country being studied.

Write a Position Paper about the topic. (7th+) Include:

  • 1st paragraph: state position
  • Middle: facts and reason why you take that position
  • Ending: conclusion

Create a Quiz related to the topic using free resources at Personal Education Press.

Visual Learners:

Do an art project related to the topic.

Look at art work created by artists living during the time period.

Read a biography of artists who lived during the time period being studied.

Take photographs

Paint, color, or draw a picture

Create a Venn Diagram

Design a game board as a quiz on the topic

Design a poster or banner or bulletin board

Make a chart or graph

Make a flip book

Watch a video related to the topic. A great resource for this is Learning with the Movies. See my review at:

Draw of illustrate maps

Outline the events

Make a sculture or clay model

Make booklets or scrapbooks

20th Century Decades Project. Pick one decade to research. Make a booklet with the following included:

  • world events
  • US events
  • famous people
  • fads
  • time line of major events
  • map showing where major events occurred
  • pictures and drawings

Time Line Project.

  • Create a time line of the topic being studied. Use paper (long butcher paper works well), computer, or any other method desired to create and illustrate the timeline.
  • Illustrate.
  • Or use my free, printable Timeline

Computer projects:

  • Create a slide show related to the topic
  • Research the Internet about the topic
  • Email a friend or relative about what you learned or did related to the project
  • Create a graph related to the topic
  • Create a spreadsheet related to the topic
  • Create a vocabulary word dictionary in word processor
  • Create a fill-in-the blank story related to the topic
  • Create a web page about the topic
  • Scan photos from field trip related to the topic and make a photo journal or scrapbook

Auditory Learners:

Real aloud

Listen to a lecture/speaker/radio show

Make a tape recording about the topic

Make up riddles or songs about the topic

Perform a song or recite a poem about the topic

Listen to and/or play music created by musicians living during a time period

Read a biography of musicians who lived during a time period being studied

Conduct a survey

Tell about the topic

Participate in a debate on the topic

Disuss the topic

Watch a video related to the topic. A great resource for this is Learning with the Movies. See my review at:

Kinesthetic Learners:

Do a science experiments related to the topic

Take a field trip related to the topic.

Cook recipes related to the topic of study:

  • Make a Recipe Book for a country of study. Research your country, states, or topic at the library to discover what kinds of foods are commonly. Write down recipes in a special cookbook for that topic. Illustrate your cookbook if possible Cook some of the recipes. If possible, take photos and paste in your notebook. Check out World Recipes for ideas:
  • Edible Rock Recipes (Science)

Play a game related to the theme:

Hands-on history kits: American and World history:

Construct a diorama

Build a time capsule

Plant a garden

Collections: rocks, shells, stamps, photo cards, insects

Make a collage

Create a model

Hike on nature trails

Go to the zoo

Reenact an event or put on a play about a topic

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