Multi-Level (Unit Study) Resources for Science Units


When doing unit studies, it's easy to get stuck on a few topics. To prevent major “holes” in learning, here is a list of science unit resources that I have written, organized over a six year period. If you continue unit studies in middle and high school, simply repeat the pattern using more difficult materials. I will continue to add to this as I write more resources.

Science-Year 1

Anatomy: Five Senses (Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell), Safety

Geology: Rocks & Minerals

Botany: Plants, Plant Identification, Parts of a Plant, Life Cycle

Physics: Sound, Hearing, Doppler Effect, Speed of Sound

Science-Year 2

Zoology: Insects, Bugs, Spiders

Astronomy: Time, Calendars, Seasons

Oceanography: Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Water Pollution

Physics: Light, Rainbows, Colors, Speed of Light, Reflection

Science-Year 3

Zoology: Mammals, Animal Habitats, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds, Worms

Meteorology: Weather Forecasting, Climate, Clouds, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, & Other weather disasters

Oceanography: Ocean Life (Fish, Sponges, Crustaceans, Mollusks, Plant life)

Physics: Simple Machines, Technology, Inventors and Inventions

Science-Year 4

Anatomy: Health, Medicine, Nutrition, Genetics

Astronomy: Planets, Sun, Moon, Moon Phases, Tides, Constellations, Asteroids, Milky Way, Comets, Meteors

Botany: Biomes, Unusual Plants, Uses of Plants, Gardening

Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity

Science-Year 5

Zoology: Animal Classification, Camouflage, Migration, Hibernation, Conservation, Food Chains, Life Cycles, Microscopic Creatures

Geology: Earth’s Composition, Landforms, Soil, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Erosion

Oceanography: Ocean Exploration, Ocean Resources

Physics: Physical Science Unit, Sources of Energy, Laws of Motion

Science-Year 6

Anatomy: Body Systems

Astronomy: Space Exploration, Astronauts, Flight

Scientific Method

Chemistry: Matter, Compounds, Elements, Chemical Changes, Temperature, Uses of Chemistry

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