Electricity Multi-Level Unit Study


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Here's a simple way to teach Electricity using two major resources: TCM's Electricity Thematic Unit and Electro Whiz: Electricity.

This unit is recommended for K-6th grade and can be taught in six weeks, doing two lessons a week. Check the Forms page to download the free "Electricity Thematic Paper."

Lesson 1:

Electro Wiz: Making a Loop, pg. 1-5

Biography of Thomas Edison, TCM, pg. 9.

Reading Recommendation: Thomas Edison, Young Inventor.

Great Discoveries in Electricity, use as timeline, TCM, pg. 55-59

Research, TCM, pg. 15, Edison

Report: What is the most interesting thing you learned about Thomas Edison?

Online Activities - Electricity Timeline, Electric Avenue and Learn About Electricity.

Lesson 2:

Electro Wiz, Motor Mania, pg. 6-8

Choose a Daily Writing Topic, Inventors, TCM, pg 28-29

A Day Without Electricity, TCM, pg. 67

Read about Careers in Electricity, TCM, pg. 64

Report: Interview an electrician. Give an oral or written report on an electrician. Include information about his or her training and career information, as well as details about a typical day in the life of an electrician.

Online Activities: Electrical Safety World, Electric Coloring Fun, and Smarty Electric Online Color Book.

Lesson 3:

Electro Wiz, Batteries & Buzzers, pg. 9-15

Biography Michael Faraday, TCM, pg. 11

Reading recommendation: Michael Faraday, Spiritual Dynamo by Derick Bingham

Daily Writing Topic, Inventors, TCM, pg 28-29

Research, TCM, pg. 15, Faraday

Homemade Batteries, TCM, pg. 50

Be a meter Reader, TCM, pg. 39

Electricity Facts, TCM, pg. 38

Report: Give an oral or written report on how a battery works.

Online Activities: AD/DC-What's the Difference? and Homemade Batteries.

Lesson 4:

Electro Wiz, Making a Switch, pg. 16-17

Biography of Alexander Bell, Reading Recommendation: Alexander Graham Bell (History Maker Bios)

Daily Writing Topic, Inventors, TCM, pg 28-29

What’s the Charge? TCM, pg. 40

Home Sweet Home, TCM, pg. 63

Research, TCM, pg. 15, Alexander Bell

Report: Give an oral or written report about Alexander Graham Bell.

Online Activities: Welcome to the World of Electronics for Children and Circuits and Simple Circuits Quiz.

Lesson 5:

Electro Wiz, Sending Messages, pg. 18-19

Biography Samuel Morse, Reading Suggestion: Samuel Morse and the Telegraph.

Get the Message, TCM, pg. 37

Daily Writing Topic, Inventors, TCM, pg. 28-29

Research, TCM, pg. 15, Samuel Morse

Report: Give an oral or written report about Samuel Morse.

Online Activities: Electricity Vocabulary.

Lesson 6:

Electro Wiz, Test It (conductors), pg. 20-23

Material conductors, TCM, pg. 48

Biography of Lewis Latimer, Reading Suggestion: Black Pioneers of Science and Invention .

Daily Writing Topic, Inventors, TCM, pg. 28-29

Read “Thinking Like a Scientist” TCM, pg. 45, scientific method

Begin student book, pg. TCM, 30-34

Research, TCM, pg. 15, Latimer

Report: Give an oral or written report about Lewis Latimer.

Online Activities: Circuits and Conductors, Which are Conductors?, Who Can Resist? and Silicon Spies Game.

Lesson 7:

Electro Wiz, Review, pg. 24-29

Steady as it goes, TCM, pg. 72

Daily Writing Topic, Electricity, TCM, pg. 28-29

Bar Graph, Electricity, TCM, pg. 19-10

How Many Ampheres?, TCM, pg. 41

Energy Facts, TCM, pg. 21

Evolution of Light sources, TCM, pg. 53

Report: Create a graph showing your family's meter reading and the cost of electricity for 3 months or longer.

Online Activities: Reading an Electric Meter and What does it cost?

Lesson 8

Daily Writing Topic, Electricity, TCM, pg. 28-29

All Steamed Up!, TCM, pg. 23

Build a turbine, TCM, pg. 69-71

Make candles, TCM, pg. 65

Report: Give an oral or written report on the different ways electricity can be generated.

Online Activities: Circuit World, How the Van de Graaff Generator Works.

Lesson 9:

Get a Charge Out of it, TCM, pg. 25-26

Make a student book, TCM, pg. 30-34

Read about the electric eel and give an oral or written report on your findings.

Report: Tell how electricity is used in each of these areas: your home, transportation, communication, medicine, space travel, and commerce.

Online Activities: Electricity Webquest, Electric Fleas (K-4th+) and Electric Eel Coloring Page.

Lesson 10:

Daily Writing Topic, Electricity, TCM, pg. 28-29

Overload, TCM, pg. 42

Electrician’s Math, TCM, pg 43

Electricity Match Up, TCM, pg. 24

Report: Create a poster illustrating the major electrical symbols and what they mean. ????????

Online Activities: Tell Me More About Electricity and Electricity & Magnetism Virtual Lab.

Lesson 11:

Locate power plants, TCM, pg. 60-61

(Opt) Water and Electricity, TCM, pg. 52

Compare energy sources, TCM, pg. 27

Art Project, Energy Montage, TCM, pg. 62

Take a field trip to a power plant.

Report: Give an oral or written report on what you learned about power plants.

Online Activities: Make Your Own Electronic Quiz Game (4-6th+) and Make Solar Cookers.

Lesson 12 (Review)

Crossword Puzzle, TCM, pg. 36

Online Activities: Electricity in our Lives (Quiz), Simple Electric Motor (5-6th+) and Electricity Crossword, Battle Star Circuits Quiz, Electricity Quiz, and Electricity Final quiz.

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