Math Reading Recommendations


It is important to put math in context and show your children how math is used in real life. I recommend spending Fridays reading about math, rather than doing math worksheets. Here are some book suggestions:

  • 512 Ants on Sullivan Street by Carol A. Losi. (Beginning Reader). Out of print. Check your library or used bookstores. ISBN 0590308769. 1st+

  • --98, 99, 100, Ready or Not, Here I Come! by Teddy Slater. counting, (Beginning Reader), ISBN 0590120093, K+

  • Abu Ali Counts His Donkeys by Van Woerkom, Dorothy. counting. Out of print. Check your library or used bookstores. ISBN 0763609560. PreK-2

  • Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst. Money. PreK-3+

  • Baseball Counting Book. Uses the numbers from one to twenty to introduce various aspects of the game of baseball. ISBN PreK-1.

  • Beyond Numbers by Katherine A. Loop. See my review at:

  • Biographies of famous mathematicians

  • Cartooning With Math by Bill Costello. Using numbers, kids will learn to draw a variety of cartoon characters. This will interest your VISUAL LEARNER! K-6th+. ISBN 1891905317.

  • Coin Counting Book by Rozanne Lanczak Williams. PreK-2.

  • The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. Using cookies and friends dropping by for a visit, this book explains the concept of division.

  • Even Steven And Odd Todd (level 3) (Hello Reader, Math) by Katherine Cristaldi. Basic number concepts. K+

  • The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns. A fun introduction to geometry for kids in K-4th. 32 pgs. ISBN 0590489917.

  • How Big is a Foot by Rolf Myller. A delightful tale of a king who builds a bed for his queen that help teach children that measurements must be standardized to work. Fun! K-4. ISBN 0440404959.

  • How Much is a Million? by David M. Schwartz. 36 pgs, color (K-6)

  • Inchworm and a Half by Elinor Pinczes. An introduction to measurement, told in rhyme. K-3+

  • Math Curse by Jon Scieszka. A fun story that shows how math relates to everything we do. ISBN 0670861944. Gr. 3-6.

  • M&M Counting Book. Kids will love learning to count while eating M&Ms!! PreK-K (Charlesbridge)

  • Mathematicians are People, Too by Luetta Reimer. 152 pgs. (7th+)

  • Men of Mathematics by E. T. Bell. (7th+)

  • Mathematics: Is God Silent? by James Nickel. This should be required reading for all Christian high school students and their parents! It's not an easy read, but it is well worth the effort. ISBN 187999822X. (7th+)

  • Math Smart Junior published by The Princeton Review. I recommend reading a chapter each month until you complete the book. I would start this book after they have learned their basic facts.

  • Ocean of Truth by Joyce McPherson. Sir Isaac Newton is a renowned scientist who independently developed Calculus, wrote a treatise on the properties of light and color, and worked out the mathematical details of the Law of Gravity. What is less well known is the depth of his Christian faith and the amount of writing, speaking, and research that he put into a defense of the tenets of Biblical theology. This book gives a complete picture of Isaac Newton. 137 pgs. Gr. 4th+. ISBN 1882514505.

  • One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes. A cute story about hungry ants that helps children understand the principles of division. K-4. ISBN

  • Pigs Will Be Pigs by Amy Axelrod. Picture book about money with a lesson on counting, adding, and subtracting money in the back. 1-3. ISBN 0689812191.

  • Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander. A fun-to-read book with colorful illustrations that explains circumference and pi. ISBN 1570911525. Gr 2-6

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! by Marilyn Burns. This colorful, fun to read book will help your children think about area and perimeter. Included is an activity that will reinforce the lesson learned. Cute! ISBN 0590944592. Gr. 1-4.

  • Twelve Snails to One Lizard by Susan Hightower. A math lesson (inches, feet, and yards) in story form. K-2+

  • What's Your Angle, Pathagoras? by Julie Ellis. 32 pgs. This is adorable! A fiction story of Pathagoras as a child and how he discovered the Pathagorean Theorem. A fun way to help your child understand the Pathagoreum theorem. color illus. ISBN 1570911975. Gr. 2-6.

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