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Because many homeschoolers find my site shortly after moving to the BA/Tulsa area, I constantly get questions like: Do you know a good doctor? Dentist? Repairman? Hairdresser? Restaurant? Etc. So, here is my favorites list in case you need this information. I will add to it as I think of them. Please let them know I referred you so they'll keep being extra nice to me when I need them! Cindy

Attention Businesses: Please don't ask to be added to this list. This is a list of MY personal favorites, people who I personally deal with. I DO NOT sell advertising.



Family Doctor:

  • Dr. Michelle O'Meara (Broken Arrow), Warren Clinic, 2950 S. Elm. My doctor. 918-449-3750.

  • Dr. Brian Coder (Broken Arrow), My husband's doctor. 705 W Oakland. 918-251-2666.



  • Dr. Ted Kaltenback (south Tulsa), 252-5437


  • Dr. Jay Williamson (south Tulsa), 294-3080

Heart Specialist

  • Dr. McWilliams (Tulsa, Broken Arrow), 451-1947


  • Dr. Charlie Eiler (Tulsa), 250-6101

Realtor (two favorites!):


  • Dr. Rick Cooper (Tulsa), 918-369-6274

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  • Catering - Sweet Cakes. Gourmet and organic cupcakes.

  • Kenneth King, real estate lawyer. 918. 664.4577.

  • Susan Kitchen, Hairdresser (145th & 41st) 918-665-3135.

  • Cele Myers, Sew Cool LLC (drapes and home decor), Catoosa. 918-260-5559

  • Ellen Latimer is not in Tulsa, but she has a Yahoo group you should check out. She will help you with buying, cooking and gardening for a healthy lifestyle.

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RESTAURANTS - There are tons of good restaurants in town. Here are my favorites:

Favorite Family Restaurants:

  • Cici's Pizza at 21st & Garnett, 81st & Peoria, 111th & Elm in Broken Arrow. There are more of them. Check the phone book.

  • Incredible Pizza at 71st & Memorial. I even like going here. They have a pretty good salad bar and lots of different kinds of pizza, besides all the fun things that the kids can do.

Family Mid-range Restaurants:

  • 5 & Diner, a 50's style diner with great hamburgers and milkshakes. Located on Memorial between 31st & 41st.

  • Charlestons, 71st & Yale. Another great restaurant, not as pricey as Mahogany but more so than Cheddars.

  • Cheddars at 71st & 169 (Very reasonable price and great food. Very popular and can be a long wait. Don't go if you are in a hurry.)

  • El Loritos at 71st & Elm, Broken Arrow. (918) 251-5637. Excellent, real-Mexican food and very reasonable prices.

  • Jason's Deli at 61st & Memorial and 15th and Peoria. Terrific Salad Bar!

  • McAlisters, 720 N Aspen Ave, Broken Arrow, between 71st & 81st on Elm and 8955 S Memorial Dr (918.258.3354), and on 91st & Memorial (Tulsa). Yummy baked potatoes, salads, and sandwiches. Reasonable prices.

  • Olive Garden at 71st & Yale or 21st & Utica. Tulsa. Italian.

  • Panera Bread at 71st & Garnett or 41st & Yale. Tulsa. Great sandwiches, hot soup, and salads.

  • Queenies at Utica Square, 21st & Utica, Tulsa. Love their food!

  • Steak N Ale at 51st & Yale, Tulsa. Great steak and salad bar.

  • Texas Roadhouse at 71st & 169, Tulsa. I LOVE the petit fillet and the bread here! Definitely bad for the diet! 918.461.8891.

Expensive Restaurant (for date night!):

  • Chalkboard, 1324 S. Main, Tulsa. 918-582-1964. Excellent food!

  • Mahogany at 71st & Yale, Tulsa. This is where you get THE best steak in town. Warm atmosphere (business-casual), delicious food including the greatest key lime pie in Oklahoma & the best service. Call for a reservation.

  • Red Rock, 91st & Riverside, Tulsa and 9221 Lake Hefner Parkway, Oklahoma City. This is my favorite place to go in Oklahoma City. I love the chicken and the view of the Lake. 405.749.1995. The one in Tulsa isn't as scenic but the food is just as good.

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  • St. James United Methodist Church is my home church. It's an evangelical Methodist church with small groups - Sunday School (small group Bible Studies), Wednesday night Bible studies, local outreach, missions, and lots of food fellowships! Gotta watch your diet here (lots of Pot Luck dinners), but if you want a church where Bible Study and relationships are important, this is the place to be! There are a lot of other good churches in Tulsa metro but this is my home church.


  • Aldi's, 71st & 145th, across from Walmart. I love to buy produce here especially. Go on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday as that is when they stock.

  • Reasors, 71st & Lynn Lane and 41st & Yale. I love their meat - Angus Beef (the best) and chicken without added sodium and other chemicals.

  • Great Harvest Bread Company - the best, home-baked, whole grain bread in town. Located at 51st & Sheridan at the Farm Shopping Center. Check out the samples!

  • Akins - Natural Food Store - 51st & Sheridan in Fontana Shopping Center. Also one at 31st & Harvard. Both in Tulsa.

  • Wild Oats - the largest natural food store in town, also has a restaurant on site. Located at 41st and Peoria, Tulsa.

  • Made in Oklahoma:

  • Pick Your Own:

  • Local Farmer's Markets:




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