Oklahoma Travel and Field Trip Guide


Whether you are just visiting Oklahoma, taking a family trip, or looking for a homeschool field trip, here are some resources you can use.

Resources created by Cindy Downes for planning successful trips:

Nine Steps to a Successful Field Trip,

Field Trip Planning Guide (pdf)

Field Trip Report Form (student's) (pdf)

Field Trip Unit Planner (pdf)

Field Trip Cruiser - take a test drive to your field trip!

Oklahoma Scrapbook - A Travel Guide & Memory Book for Exploring Oklahoma.

Other Helpful Resources:

Check out the field trip link on A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling and Ann's list of Car Games.

A good print resource for field trip ideas is Oklahoma is Oklahoma Off the Beaten Path, 7th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) .

For a list of Virtual Field Trips Around the world, check this link: Virtual Field Trips

Looking for field trip ideas? Here is a great resource for locating factory tours by state: http://www.factorytoursusa.com/

For more resources on Oklahoma Travel, check out Cindy's Oklahoma Travel Resource Store.

Be sure to take photos of your child's participation in field trips. Put them in your portfolio. You can even carry them around in a Digital Photo Keychain like this one, for bragging rights!

Alphabetical listing of field trips you can take in Oklahoma. (Includes what you can see and do there, plus contact information. Thanks for you help with this guide. If you know of any educational and/or field trips that should be included, please E-mail Cindy with the information. Please include the source of your information.)

Oklahoma Field Trips: A -C

Oklahoma Field Trips: D - G

Oklahoma Field Trips: H - L

Oklahoma Field Trips: M - N

Oklahoma Field Trips: O - Q

Oklahoma Field Trips: R - S

Oklahoma Field Trips: T - U

Oklahoma Field Trips: V - Z



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