.Recession-Proof Your Homeschool!


Don't let the recession affect your homeschool. There are lots of free homeschool curriculum resources available to help you teach your child at home. Here are a few. I'll continue to add to this as I find resources.Cindy
General Resources:

19th Century Schoolbooks - a digitized project which include more than 140 schoolbooks from the Nietz Old Textbook Collection.

Ambleside Online - free curriculum based on Charlotte Mason

An Old Fashioned Education - an extensive list of free education resources on the Internet

Book Plates.

Book of Virtues Project: 900 Page Unit Study to accompany The Book of Virtues by William Bennett.

Educational Movies from KidsKnowIt Network.

Educational Videos: More videos for learning. Select by subject.

Educational Songs from Kids Know It Network

eThemes from eMints. An extensive database of age-appropriate resources organized by theme.

Free or cheap videos (shipping is kind of high but it might be worth it)

Graphic Organizers from Freeology

Homeschool forms - from Cindy Downes

Teacher Tools from Cindy Downes

Homeschooling Lapbooks - from Homeschool Helper.

How to Homeschool e-Book - from Cindy Downes

Khan Academy: YouTube videos on a variety of subjects including basic arithmetic, Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, Trigonometry, Economics, Physics, Geometry, Banking and Money, Statistics and More! And it's all FREE!

Lapbook Templates from Homeschool Share.

News and current event videos from ABC.

Lots of free Preschool learning on Red Fish Soup.

Worksheet Lab - cute printables for math, writing, reading and more. FREE!

Worksheet Maker from Educational Press

Unit Studies - from Cindy Downes

Web Resources by Subject and Grade from Teacher's First

Teaching resources from the federal government

Virtual Schoolhouse - all kinds of free education resources.

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Reading - Phonics:

Activities for Reading and Writing Fun from Read • Write • Now. This is really good and it's FREE!

Letter Sounds Online tutor.

FREE Phonics Worksheets!

Phonics printables including worksheets, flash cards and more.

Make your own phonics bingo cards with Fun Fonix Worksheet Maker.

Free phonics worksheets - from Rock N Learn

Free PreK-K Assessment - from Cindy Downes. Alphabet, numbers, and shapes.

Learn to Read by Starfall.

Christian based phonics Lessons from the Phonics Page.

Phonics Reading Practice by foniks.

Phonics Songs and Worksheets by Have Fun Teaching

Phonics Lessons for grades K-4th.

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Reading - Literature

Aesop's Fables - online.

Best Online Children's Books (By Genre) or Best Online Children's Books (By Title)

McGuffey Readers (Free!) from 19th Century Schoolbooks.

Project Gutenberg - free e-books on history and science, the classics and more.

Reading Games - sight words, digraphs, synonyms, and more.

Read Books Online - Free Fiction, Short Stories, American and European Literature, Greatest Novels of the 20th Century, Nobel Prize Winners, and more.

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Guide to Grammar and Writing from Capital Community College Foundation

Lessons in Calligraphy and Penmanship from IAMPETH

Writing Activities from Education.com

Writing Project Ideas from Cindy Downes

Homeschool Writing Worksheets by Cindy Downes

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Guide to Grammar and Writing from Capital Community College Foundation

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling from OWL Online Writing Lab

Grammar Gorillas from Funbrain.

LetterFall - a spelling game from Spelling City.

Free Grammar textbook and worksheets from English Banana.

Printable Grammar workbooks (grades 1-6) from Scott Foresman.

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Math Internet Resources - long list of free resources for math.

MatheBook.net - free math worksheet site.

Free Curriculum for Homeschooling Math - a nice list of resources, most free

Deaf Interactive, Math Lessons - from Shodor. As students read the material, they can assess the concepts through authentic ASL, signed by educators and students

Deaf Succeed, math and science lessons - from Shodor

Interactivate Math Lessons - from Shodor

PreK-K Assessment - from Cindy Downes. Alphabet, numbers, and shapes.

Algebra Worksheets from SoftSchools.com

Algebra Worksheets from Algebra.help

Algebrator - Free algebra solutions online

Math Drills -worksheets for K-12 math. They even have worksheets in large print for visually impaired!

Free Math Worksheets from Super Teacher.

Subtraction Flash Cards.

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You will need to review these resources for yourself to determine if they are suitable for your family. You may have to "pick out the meat and spit out the bones!" I have not examined them in depth; however, I have attempted to include only those that focus on: [1] For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, (1 Tim. 2:5) and [2] For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:16-17)

Answers in Genesis for Kids - Activities, videos and puzzles.

Bible Class Books -Bible studies in a variety of topics.

Bible Gateway - Read the Bible in many translations and languages; Listen to the Bible, too. Reading plans. Keyword and topical search.

Free Bible Study Courses from Christian Courses.

Crafts and Resources for Bible Study.

Bible Study from Calvary Chapel. Includes coloring pages and quizzes.

Learn Hebrew! and More Learn Hebrew.

The Hebrew Alphabet.

Geography of the Bible - Maps.

Bible Scripture by Topics for your own Bible Study.


Andy's American History Worksheets - lessons in American history written in poetic form. Includes questions, puzzle and links to learn more.

Mr. Donn's History lessons from Mr. Donn.

Have Fun with History Videos: Select by topic

History Lesson Plans and Resources - from Cloudnet

Teaching with Documents from the National Archives. Lessons from 1754 to present day based on primary documents.

American History Online Textbook. Free!

Thematic Unit on Flight from Innovative classrooms.

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Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence Lesson Plans from the Library of Congress

Ben's Guide to the Government.

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Blank Maps from Bedford-St.Martin

Geography Lesson Plans from National Geographic.

States of the U.S. Quiz.

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MadSci Library from MadSci Network

Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock (Free eBook from Universal Library)

Online Science Activities from Exploratorium

Unit study on peanuts from Innovative Classroom.

Science from Awesome Library

Science Preschool Activities and Craft from First School

The Skeletal System flashcards.

Creation Resource Library - Lending Library

Wildflower Coloring Book - line drawings and coloring guides.

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The Arts

Art Lessons and Resources from Art Junction

Music and Art Lesson Plans from ArtsEdge

Art and Music Lesson Plans from Core Knowledge

Art Lessons from Dick Blick.

Timeline of Art History from Metropolitan Museum of

Music Dictionary, Composers and Instruments from Fortissimo

Learn About the Instruments from

Learn how to play the piano - free video lessons!

Musical Periods from Classics for Kids

The Music Room from Capistrono Elementary School

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Computer Lessons from Kaboose

Computer History from Computer Science Lab

Internet Training and Technology for Students from HitMill

Lessons on The Internet.

Brief History of Technology

Free or cheap educational software (shipping is kind of high but it might be worth it)

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Career Development and Guidance Worksheet from Vocational Resource Center

Career Development Course from Cindy Downes

Online Training from SBA

Young Entrepreneurs from SBA

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Free Online Courses:

Interactions from Learner. Open Culture

Online classes from Open Culture

Academic Earth -from leading universities

Learning Space, courses from UK


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