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There is a wealth of information and resources available on the internet that can be used to make your homeschool program exceptional. Log on to the sites below for our latest choices of "Best of the Web" Internet sites for you to check out.

Though we have reviewed these sites for general suitability, we haven't investigated every nook and cranny, nor validated every fact. Accuracy and completeness of information is the responsibility of individual site owners. Also, links to these sites should not be taken as an endorsement by Cindy Downes. If you have any difficulties with these links or have concerns about them for any reason, please let us know. If you have concerns about your children accessessing unsuitable sites, please consider getting an Internet Filtering Service. We recommend the one provided by Integrity On Line. Toll free number: 877-468-3474.


Kid Explorer

Activity pages and worksheets to print out about the Bible and God the Creator. Fun for kids K-6th.

Answers in Genesis

Creation Science Museum and information.

Bible Gateway

This resource has the Bible online in every language of the world (maybe not every!). You can search for a particular passage such as John 3:16 or read the whole Bible. Also includes a downloadable portion of the video, The Jesus Film. This is a great resource for foreign language study!

Bible Crafts

Crafts for Bible lessons: Zacchaeus, Mary, Jesus, Creation, Tower of Babel, Abraham, Sodom/gomorrah for kids Preschool through 1st grade. Activity pages, coloring pages, and crafts.

Language Arts

Family Education

Index to their many printable worksheets. Animals, cut & color, dot to dot, forms, games, genealogy, homeschooling, learning disabilities, mazes, mazes, rewards, school subjects, thanksgiving, word scramble, vowel sounds, math, vocabulary.

Junior High/Middle School Writing Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for writing. Lots of good activities here all on PDF files so you can print them out.

Wacky Web Tales

This interactive game has students completing cloze stories with designated parts of speech. Like mad libs only it's interactive. For grades 3+.

When Work is Done

A lesson plan that will teach students to use primary resources as a research tool and then learn to create their own memory album of historically accurate photos.

Novel Guide

Forget the cliff notes - now there is novel guide online for free!

Book Report Ideas Ideas for students' book reports: create a character sculpture, write a newspaper review, pantomime a setting, create a diary for a character, and much more.


A+ Math

A+ Math offers online flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, money and geometry terms in addition to games such as Matho (bingo and math combined), hidden picture and math concentration. Daily game winners are posted on a winner's list. The site also offers realtime homework help.

Algebra Help

This site will take you step by step through basic algebra and explain it as you go. A great resource.


Fun adventures for kids online learning about money and saving. Also includes a quiz to test what they've learned.

History of Mathematics

Mathematicians (Biographies)


History of math resource online. Includes Biographies of famous mathematicians and a timeline of math

Math Stories.Com

Math word problems for children Kindergarten through grade 5 in all kinds of topic areas: history, science, government, sound, light, temperature, metrics, inventions, and checkbook. It's interactive too. The kids type in the answer and it answers correct or incorrect.

Math in Mesopotamia

Project idea and resource site for history and math students! From clay tokens in 8000 B.C. to Sumerian number systems; Cuneiform numbers and Babylonian multiplication tables.


Historical Paperdolls

Paper dolls representing historical figures to print and cut out.

Age of Exploration

Recommended for grades 5-8, and high school world history and geography. This online lesson begins with ancient history and ends with James Cook. It includes a timeline, biographies, activities for teachers and students, vocabulary, and a bibliography. Activities: create a compass, astrolabe, quadrant, identify navigational instruments, parts of a ship, What would you take to sea?, crosswod puzzle, word search, create a globe, learn latitude, longitude, learn about starving sailors and diseases such as scurvy.

American Revolution Thematic Unit

A complete lesson plan on the American Revolution. Includes a sound byte of Yankee Doodle.

Ancient History

Here's an online lesson plan about Ancient Civilizations including Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylon, etc. Play a ziggurat game, learn about cunieform writing, Gilgamesh, Hammurabi, and Zargon.

Betsy Ross Home Page

Information on Betsy Ross, her life, how she made the flag, flag etiquette, flag trivia, picture gallery of the American flag at different times in history, step-by-step directions for making a 5-pointed star, and a virtual tour of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.

Bible Tutor, The

The Bible Tutor is an excellent resource for 6th grade and up to learn World History from a Biblical perspective. Click on Dates to take a brief Biblical World History tour from the ancestral period through the Roman period including pictures, maps, and information on the people and places of Biblical history. There is also a self-test that will test your scripture memory, your knowledge of Bible people, map reading skills, and your general knowledge of the Bible.

California gold Rush Video

A YouTube video of the California Gold Rush days.

Donner Online

Online webquest adventure for 7th+ about the westward expansion of the19th century. Students collect information, images, and insights from the internet and then paste them into a multimedia scrapbook that you download from the internet. Excellent research project!

Renaissance, The elizabethan World

Here's an excellent resource for information about the Renaissance: occupations, education, food, fashion and much much more. While you're there, check out for knightly Rules of Chivalry!

Abraham Lincoln's Classroom If you are planning on doing a study of Abraham Lincoln, you'll want to bookmark this new website: Abraham Lincoln's Classroom. You'll find quizzes, maps, cartoons, articles, and much more all related to our 16th president. Register as a teacher and you'll also have access to lesson plans, student research topics, comparison assignments, and lots of quizzes. This is super info for those Civil War units!
Books to Supplement History A listing of books organized by time period!


Amusement Park Physics-Roller Coaster

Grades 4-8 - This site, part of the Annenberg Center's collection of web activities, offers a simple introduction to the physics involved in riding a roller coaster, and allows young experimenters to design their own roller coaster (friction-free, no less!) to see how it performs. Students could use this site easily.

Animal Planet

Fun, games, and lots of information about animals from this website from the Animal Planet people. You can even send an animal e-card to your friends.

Cells alive

This is a great site to see cells in action. The topics (Anatomy of a Splinter, When a Cell Commits Suicide, This Strain Kills White Blood Cells, and others) have descriptions of each step of their process, and animated gifs and Quick Time movies to see actual cells! It's a really interesting place to see, up-close, what cells do.


Computer Museum, The

Learn about the history of PC computers.

Internet Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts on the Internet to teach Internet skills: All topics.

Lissa Explains It All-html help for Kids

A 13 year old explains how to create your own web page.

Macintosh Computer History A site dedicated to my favorite computer! The Mac



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