Assessment Resources

Math Assessment:

Saxon Math Placement Tests (pdf documents) Start with the easiest test and work up as far as your child is able. Primary Grade Assessment; Middle Grade Assessment; Upper Level Asssessment: Algebra 1 Assessment; Algebra 2 Assessment.

Texas TAKS test. Take the tests in order, starting with earliest grade level, and continue as far as your child is able.

If these tests are unavailable, you will have to pay for math assessment testing either online (Seton testing - IOWA Tests) or locally at a homeschool tutoring center or co-op (Cornerstone in Tulsa, OK).

Reading Assessments:

National Right to Read Competency Test.

Sonlight Reading Assessment.

Dolch sight word assessment.

Learning Style Assessment:

Administer learning-styles assessment to both you and your child.

General Assessments:

Use The Checklist to determine if there any holes in your child's basic skill development.

Free, printable PreK/K assessment forms.

If you think testing is hard today, check out the final exam for an 8th grade education in 1895. Much of the test is irrelevant to today's education, but it's still interesting!

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Testing Requirements:

There are no official testing requirements for homeschooled students in Oklahoma. In fact, the most accurate way to determine if a child is learning is to watch his daily progress. This is easy for homeschool parents, especially during the early years. Evaluation for all years can be done through verbal discussions, written assignments, hands-on projects, portfolio review, portfolders, or testing.

Give your children practice in test-taking even though it is not required. Tests are part of our culture. Children can learn to improve their test scores. Use some of the testing resources below to practice test taking.

Keep testing in perspective. Test results can be helpful, but not always accurate. Low score can mean the child had a bad test day, the subject matter was never covered, or the child has not mastered that subject.

Be careful in interpreting test scores, especially grade equivalent scores. The first number is the grade level, the second number is the month of the school year. 8.4 means the child is performing at a level equivalent to that of an average 8th grader in the fourth month of school. A score of 13.4 in math does not mean that the eighth grader can do the equivalent of a college freshman! The eighth grader has never taken college level math (trigonometry, calculus) and the eighth grade test does not cover those subjects. It only means that the student does eighth grade math extremely well.

Types of tests:

  • Norm referenced standardized tests (Stanford Achievement, Iowa Basic Skills): identify learning problems and gaps in basic knowledge.

  • Criterion-referenced standardized tests: evaluate the effectiveness of school instruction programs. These tests are designed for public schools. Criterion-referenced tests can be a problem for Christian homeschoolers as they include questions the deal with evolution as fact as well as other objectionable materials.

  • PSAT/SAT/ACT - needed for college and financial aid. See College Admissions Test-Preparation resources below for info.

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Oklahoma State Standards

Oklahoma's High School Graduation Requirements for students in public school.

Although, as a homeschool, you can set your own graduation standards, it's good to be aware of the public school standards. Most homeschool families are able to meet the standards and even surpass them. If you have a child who has a disability, you will want to adjust the standards accordingly.

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College Admissions Test-Preparation Resources

Test out of college courses and save time and money!

My blog has some information on CLEP Testing that might be helpful.

Taking the PSAT gives your child a chance to enter the National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship programs. This test MUST be taken at the right time for your child to be considered. Check College Board for more information.

Colleges use your child's score from the ACT and/or the SAT as one criteria for admission. Most colleges in Oklahoma require ACT scores. Other colleges accept either the ACT or the SAT or the SAT only. Check college catalogs to see which test is required.

ACT Test Prep.

  • Cracking the ACT, 2016 Edition (College Test Prep) Includes four full-length practice ACT exams on CD-ROM, one full-length practice exam in the book, and The Princeton Review Assessment Exam, a full-length diagnostic exam that will predict your scores on both the ACT and the SAT. All of our practice test questions are like the ones you will find on the actual ACT exam, and we include detailed explanations for every answer.

SAT Test Prep:

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