Homeschool - How to Get Started e-book Offer


To all Homeschool Support Group Leaders,

I am in the process of creating a state edition of my e-book, Homeschool - How to Get Started, for each state in the U.S. to give away on my website.

Would you like your organization listed in this e-book?

Would you like a personalized copy to distribute to those who contact your group?


If so, read on . . .

First, send me the changes needed for your state as well as information about your support group. I need information for the following sections:

Page 4 - Is it legal?

Page 7, Cover, and Back Cover - Your support Group info: name, address, phone contact, website, newsletter signup info (if you have one), and any other state specific info needed for these pages.

Page 32 - State and local resources for purchasing textbooks

Once the booklet is produced, I will give your organization a copy of the pdf file that your organization may reproduce as needed. The title page will say:

Homeschool - How to Get Started
(Your State) Edition

By Cindy Downes


Compliments of: (Your homeschool Support Group Organization)

The back cover will include a logo or map of your state and your organization's name and contact info.

You will have my permission to give it away (at no charge) to anyone who contacts your organization, either as a pdf copy or as a printed copy (as long as it is printed "as is" and in its entirety). You could even have it comb bound at a local Kinko's or other copy shop. It is NOT to be sold under any condition!

Your copy will include your state and Support Group changes as listed above. Any future changes to your edition could be made as needed by contacting me at this address.

I retain all rights to the booklet; and, as such, may change the one on my website as needed at any time. I will make a copy of the booklet available on my website for my readers to download. My copy will be more generic to the state and include a listing of any or all of the support groups who use this service.

If you would like to participate in this venture, please email me ( the specific changes needed for your state (as described above) as well as contact information about your support group.

I will produce the booklet as soon as possible. The timeline for production will depend upon the amount of changes needed and how many respond.

You can look at one already completed by signing in below and downloading your free copy.

I will accept submissions from more than one organization in each state. I will use the information from all the groups to incorporate into the one I offer on my website. Your copy, however, will only have your own organization listed (unless you ask me to list others).

You MUST BE A NON-PROFIT, HOMESCHOOL GROUP TO RECEIVE THIS OFFER. This includes support groups and non-profit homeschool co-ops.

Looking forward to helping you help the homeschoolers in your state!

Cindy Downes

Looks great! What a wonderful tool. I am actually meeting with a lady about homeschooling today and giving my first one away. I’m so excited to give her something that answers so many questions. Thank you again. What a blessing you are. Rachel Ossenbeck, McAlester A.R.C.H.




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