Online Resources for Biology Lab


Do you or your children dislike doing dissections for Biology class? Would you like a tutorial to help you do a dissection? Are you looking for worksheets to use for biology labs? Here are a some online resources that will help you in your biology class:


Cow's Eye.

Crayfish Dissection and instructions.

Earthworm Dissection and instructions and video. Reading: The Life Cycle of an Earthworm.

Fetal Pig: Virtual Pig Dissection and video and Quiz.

Fish: diagram to color and dissection sites.

Frog Dissection: dissection video and video 2 and review quiz. Reading: The Life Cycle of a Frog.

Mammal Chart: mammal classification and worksheet.

Mollusk Worksheet. Reading: Snails, Shellfish, & Other Mollusks.

Squid Dissection worksheet and worksheet #2.

Sponge Anatomy worksheet.


Human Anatomy:

Interactive Anatomy.

The Skeleton Project.

Visible Human Project.

Operation Heart Transplant (This is fun!)

Human body Worksheets.

The Virtual Cell and virtual cell #2.

DNA coloring worksheet.

Fingerprint Classification.

Human Genetics Survey worksheet.


Cells Alive! and Plant and their structure.

Investigation of Leaf Stomata worksheet.

Flower Parts Coloring Page and worksheet.

Where do Plants Get Their Food?

Seed Germination Experiments.

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