History Resources on the Web - Freebies!


Who needs textbooks when you have a computer and high speed Internet! Check out a sample of FREE resources on the Internet for teaching history:

History Reference Resources:

Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas:

Biographies of Historical Persons:

Be sure to include primary sources in your studies. Here are some free resources:

If you need a map, try one of these resources:

How about a recipe?

Need a coloring page for your younger children?

For the crafty ones, here are some history craft resources:

Music & History:

History Worksheets:

Field Trips:

Don't forget the free quizzes:

Finally, History Videos

Liz Eubanks started this list from YouTube videos and I'm trying to finish it! You can get started by clicking the first movie in the series, then you have to search for the remainder on YouTube. I will try to add them all eventually.



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