Geography Curriculum


Map Study:

Knowledge Quest - Historical Blackline Maps. This resource would make a great addition to your geography studies, especially if you are doing units. You can buy the units separately or together in a binder or on CD (pdf documents). Available: The Ancients (5000 BC-400 AD), The Middle Ages (400-1600), The New World (1600-1850), and The Modern World (1850-present). I really like the CD as you can print off what you need as you need them. Less storage room.

Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book I like this resource because it includes blank map outlines for ancient history study as well as current maps. Designed by a homeschool dad and his daughter. Includes 8.5" x 11" maps of all 50 United States, plus countries, continents, regions, and global maps (with and without boundary lines). Ideal for unit study.

NOTE: The difference between Knowledge Quest and Uncle Josh is that Knowledge Quest includes study questions. Neither can be used as a stand-alone geography course but either is a highly recommended supplement for unit studies.

Daily Geography Practice, Grade 3 and Daily Geography Practice Grade 6 by Evan-Moor. If you use these two books during your child's elementary years, you will have covered all the geography facts your child needs to know. (No need to buy one for each year. Just divide these two up into six years or use for two years and something else the remaining years.) Each lesson includes map study and fill-in-the blank answers that test their knowledge of the lesson. These are great for the Read/Write and visual learner.

Hold That Thought. If you have a child who is a visual learner and loves maps, charts, and graphs or if you're looking for a simple way to teach the US states, you'll love this curriculum. It comes on a CD and is made up of worksheets that are in pdf format (free Acrobat Reader software is used to print them out.) The worksheets cover all 50 states. Students have to do their own research to complete these worksheets. I normally don't tests but I love theirs! Your child has to identify outlines of each state and write in its capitol. Then he has to look at several US maps where the boundary lines are messed up and fix them. For example, the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas may be missing so the child has to draw the boundary back in. I highly recommend this resource for grades 1-6. I recommend teaching from this for two or three weeks each year, selecting worksheets that would be suitable for your child at that age. The next year, review what you learned last year and add a little more. If you did this each year from grades 1 through 6, they would be well educated in US geography by time they reach 7th grade. The other alternative would be to teach it one year. I would recommend teaching a one-year course in 4th, 5th or 6th grade. For more information or to order: For a more thorough review, check my blog at:

Country Report Notebook Ideas:

Country Report theme writing paper.

Lots of ideas for what to include in a country report.

Geography Reports - All the facts you need to do a country report.

Games and Quizzes:

Latitude and Longitude game - Message in a Bottle.

QUIZ: Determine direction from a map from My Schoolhouse.

Map Analysis Worksheet from the National Archives - Excellent for older students!

Lots of fun geography worksheets from Enchanted Learning.

Mapping Crime - high school level lesson plan.

Test Your Geography Knowledge (FUN!)

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