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April 2010 Edition

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Welcome to April!

I hope your April started off as good as mine. It’s a beautiful, 80 degrees here in Oklahoma today!

This month is homeschool convention month. How many of you are going to a homeschool convention? I hope all of you are. They’re a fun place to go to look at books, see what’s new, listen to some great speakers, and just plain enjoy the day. I’m planning on visiting the Arlington fair in Texas on Friday. I love browsing the used books as well as seeing what’s new.

The main thing you want to do before you go to a convention is PREPARE. Otherwise, you WILL spend too much money! Use the resources found on my Website to create a shopping list before you go.

If you happen to the Texas convention and see me, please stop me and say hi! I might not recognize you, but I’d love to meet you in person.

Finding “Great” Books

The best homeschooling memories I have are reading the “Great” books to my children. One of my favorites is the original, unedited version of Robinson Crusoe. (E-book version) It’s the story of a prodigal child, a father who trusts God to do what he cannot do, repentance, restoration, and God’s faithfulness to bring salvation even to the uttermost parts of the earth. I read it to my children for enjoyment, but it also became a springboard to tell them of my own journey from atheism to salvation.

Another “Great” book that influenced our homeschool was Thomas Edison, Young Inventor by Sue Guthridge.

Reading about the success of a famous American who was considered by the schools to be “addled” not only encouraged me, but also my son who was a delayed learner. I attribute part of his success today to reading that book.

How do you discover which books to read? Try these resources:

Where can you find “Great” books?

As an avid book collector with a library of over 3,000 books, I can tell you where I found them. Here goes:

Finally, keep a database of your library collection. Keep one on your computer and one in your iPhone or iPod. It will prevent your buying a book that you already own! I have one on my iPhone called iBookshelf that will scan in the barcode and input the data for you. Love that! It is also available for iPod Touch. Have your teen create a book database to earn high school technology credit!

Enjoy April and those homeschool curriculum fairs!


Cindy Downes