Dinosaurs and the Bible (In Progress!)


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Index and Recommended Lesson Plan:


This unit is based on The Checklist and has been designed to be completed in three weeks, covering two, 1 - 3 hour lessons per week. This is a very short introduction to the subject. For a more detailed study, customize the unit to the length you desire by choosing how much material you cover and how long you take to cover it. More than enough materials is suggested so that you can pick and choose what will work for your family.

A science-based unit should include a study of the majors concepts related to the topic, a biographical examination of major scientists or inventors related to the topic, and an understanding of specific terminology related to the topic. Include a timeline study of events and map study, if appropriate. Follow up with a review lesson and quizzes, if desired. Read over General Directions for Cindy's Unit Studies for more information. For help in this area, The Checklist includes a list of major concepts generally covered for each topic, a list of major scientists/inventors relative to the topic, and a list of pertinent terminology.

Science Unit Project Suggestion:

Create a notebook for each unit. Include drawings/sketches of the topic studied, biographical sketches of important inventors/scientists (if appropriate), a dictionary of important terms, copies or photos of worksheets, composition projects, crafts, lab work, and/or other hands-on projects related to the unit. At the end of each year, select a representative sample and place in your child's portfolio.

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Recommended Resources:
  • Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel, DVD by Ken Ham. Music, pictures, and scripture combine to show that God created all animals---even Tyrannosaurus rex! Kids learn about the earth's age, the "Seven Cs of History," dinosaurs in the Bible, fossils, and more. Includes discussion guide. Ages 4 to 10. Two DVDs, 30 minutes each.

  • Dinosaurs of Eden: A Biblical Journey Through Time by Ken Ham. Who were the dinosaurs? Are they mentioned in the Bible? How long ago did they live? What did they eat? Did they ever share the earth with mankind . . . and are any of these "terrible lizards" still living today? Ken Ham provides teen-friendly answers to these and other questions in his fascinating, lavishly illustrated resource. 64 pages, hardcover.

  • Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff. A must-read for PreK-2nd. ISBN 0064440028.

  • Dinosaurs by Design by Duane T. Gish. I really like this one for the colorful illustrations and the easy-to-understand text. Recommended for 3rd-8th+. ISBN 0890511659.

  • Dinosaur Days, Harold and the Purple Crayon by Liza Baker. Another of my granddaughter's favorites. ISBN 0060005416. PreK-1st.

  • Dinosaurs, Intermediate Thematic Unit (TCM 238) makes a good starting point for a unit on dinosaurs. Making dinosaur eggs from clay, matching dinosaur pictures with their defenses, and creating a paper plate dinosaur are three of the activities your kids will do in this unit. Your kids will learn about dinosaurs by reading the books, Digging up Dinosaurs by Aliki and The Magic Schoolbus in the Time of the Dinosaurs by Joanna Cole. (You'll need to borrow them from the library.) This unit has been written for grades 4-6. Order from Teacher Created Resources.
    Teacher Created Resources.

  • Dinosaurs, The Biggest Baddest Strangest Fastest by Howard Zimmerman. ISBN 0689832761. Grades 2-5.

  • God Made Dinosaurs: Simple Science for Kids by Heno Head, Jr. A Happy Day book with colorful illustrations that explores the world of dinosaurs from a Christian perspective. Recommended for K-2nd+ ISBN 0784712247.

  • How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen. This is one of my granddaughter's favorites. Oversize picture book with adorable illustrations. ISBN 0590316818. PreK-2nd+

  • Magic Tree House #1, Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne. This is a fun-to-read chapter book for kids ages PreK-3rd+. Read it together or assign it as “homework.” ISBN 0679824111.

  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by John Morris. A wonderful book filled with cute color pictures (cartoon style) and easy text. Published by the Institute for Creation Research. Recommended for PreK-6th. ISBN 0890511594.

  • Remembering God's Awesome Acts by Susan Mortimer. This is a must for those of you who want a Biblical perspective on Ancient History. Recommended for 2nd grade and up. ISBN 9781931292511. 2-12.

  • If your child likes dinosaurs, you have to buy Old Dinosaur, a card game published by Birdcage Books. Instructions include three versions of the game played like Old Maid, Concentration, or Go Fish so it's easy to learn and lots of fun for all. Each card is illustrated with a dinosaur and it's scientific name. The cards are printed on high quality, plastic-coated cardstock so they should hold up well for many years of use. A mini book of dinosaur facts is included, along with the deck of cards; and all are stored in a beautifully-illustrated tin can. Available online through their website at www.BirdcageBooks.com.

Internet Activities on Dinosaurs:
Additional products that make a dino unit fun.
  • Prehistoric Pal Stegosaurus (and other books in this series) by Child's Play. ISBN 0859531139. These colorful board books introduce your PreK-K to the dinosaur world.

  • God Created the Dinosaurs of the World rld sticker book by Master Books. Each page includes a picture to color, facts about a dinosaur to read, and a dinosaur sticker to attach to the page. ISBN 0890511535. 32 pages. Ages 4+

  • B.C. Bones, Dinosaur 3D Wooden Puzzle. Build and rebuild a 18" long Stegosaurus with this fun kit. No tools or glue needed. Made from 4mm thick wood. Purchase at Apple Tree or other educational stores.

  • Digging Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Set by TREND. Display this large, colorful dinosaurs around the room during your dinosaur unit. The kids will love them. (available at educational stores)

  • Smithsonian Dinosaur Digs Game. (Ages 6 and up)

  • I Dig Dinosaurs lab kit. Using a steel hammer and chisel, kids chip away at the sand block to dig up a glow-in-the dark dinosaur skeleton. FUN!

  • Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug. Extra large (2 x 3 feet) floor puzzle with 48 easy-clean jumbo pieces. (available at educational stores)

  • Individual dinosaur figures by Safari Limited. My granddaughter loves to play with these large-size figures. (available at educational stores)

  • Dino Composition Paper-Thick Lines (pdf document)

  • Dino Composition Paper-Thin Lines (pdf document)

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