4th of July Unit


How about a short school day that the kids can do themselves for 4th of July?

Play the Road to Revolution Game:

Read some 4th of July stories for kids.

Color some coloring pages and printables.

Read some biographies:

Visit Betsy Ross' house (virtual tour).

Learn how to fold the flag (If you don't have one to practice with, make one from a white paper towel and crayons.

Read what happened to the people who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Do some crafts.

Listen to some patriotic songs (words) and YouTube videos (Click on video for more!).


Watch some fireworks online.

Cook some recipes with mom and dad.

Take a 4th of July quiz. Take another quiz.

Voila, you've had school!

AND, don't forget to add what you did to your copy of The CHECKLIST!



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